HELPLESS AS HOPEFUL: Cut Both Ways [review]

I have been following Cut Both Ways since their inception, and I am ridiculously excited that they’re finally putting out music. If you’re looking to punch someone in the face or possibly nail someone with a cone at a show, Cut Both Ways is the PNW local you want to be following. Jumping into the hardcore scene quickly, it’s obvious that they’ve something to prove.

Following the release of Extremist earlier this year, ‘Helpless as Hopeful‘ is currently at the top of my list for these heavy hitters (Shae knows what I am patiently waiting for). With this single, the vocals are easy to decipher by someone who is unfamiliar with this genre. For those that are familiar, it’s easy to tell where Cut Both Ways pulls their influences.

The one thing that I admire about Cut Both Ways is that they’re in your face. Musically, vocally and even live, they’re up-close and personal. Packed full of high energy and a slight amount of control in their rather chaotic personas, this group has gripped the scene tight. Like their music, the five of them do not stop moving at all. Which make them an absolute blast to photograph.

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Review/Photography By: Sara Lindsey

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